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Transporting Famous Jaguar E Types

9600HP is the oldest E Type in the world as it is a preproduction prototype model destined for the scrap heap. However when the launch of the E Type came in 1961 at the Geneva motor show Jaguar were short of promotion cars and had to register 9600HP and get it to Geneva pronto.

Jaguar E Type ready for transport
Jaguar E Type

848 CRY is another famous or perhaps infamous Jaguar E Type as it was one of the star cars in the original film called the Italian Job starring Michael Cane. Unfortunately the car had a sad end being pushed off the side of a mountain by a mafia bulldozer. It lay as a smashed up wreck for over 30 years before being restored in the 1990s.

It is a great privilege to be entrusted with these very special Jaguar E Types as we transported them to and from the Porter Press Motoring Literary & Art Festival. You can almost feel the historic importance of these vehicles.


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